Things to consider when planning your wedding



Your choice of scene in terms of preparation, wedding and reception plays an important role in how successful the photos are.



Large rooms with good access to natural light provide great opportunities for creating beautiful, atmospheric images. Large windows are preferable as it makes it easier to take technically good pictures. Remember to keep it tidy.

Many hair salons are narrow and sterile, with posters and equipment that can add unwanted «noise» to the pictures. A hotel room or your own home, that you have cleaned and tidied before the photographer arrives often works well.



Inside the church;

  • Will there be flower girls walking in front of the bride? If so, have them walk all the way up the isle before the bride starts walking. Otherwise, they may get caught between the bride and the photographer’s lens. Worst case scenario there will be no photos of the bride walking up the isle.
  • Keep a relatively slow pace up and down the isle. It is a lot harder for the photographer to focus on moving subjects. Keeping a slow pace leaves more time for the photographer to nail the focus and take beautiful images.
  • When it's time for" the first kiss ", please hold it for a good 4-5 seconds, so we're sure we get good, sharp pictures.
  • Inform guests who want to take pictures that they may do so, but that they remain seated to avoid being in the photographer’s shot.
  • On the way down the isle, maybe the couple could stop for a moment and give each other a kiss, put their arms and cheer, or do something fun for the photographer.


Outside the church;

  • Compile a list of all different constellations of family members, best men and women, flower girls, friends etc. that you wish photographed together.
  • Select one person who is responsible for collecting these people and making sure they are ready to have their picture taken.
  • Please send the list to me as well as the person responsible. That way we both have it, should one of us lose or forget it.


At the reception;

  • Think about the placement of important people with regard to windows, lamps, and the like. For example, if the bridal couple is in front of a window, the backlight will make it more challenging to take technically good pictures. Therefore, I recommend, if it is possible that the bridal couple be seated with their back against an empty wall and with their face towards a good light source. Hanging pictures or other things on the wall can add unwanted «noise» in the photos. Please ask the owner of the venue if it is ok to take things down from the wall. If the couple is sitting in front of a window, one could hang up a discreet curtain to reduce the backlight.
  •  Often times there will be large flower arrangements or candelabra on the table next to or between the couple. This may look very nice, but be aware that it can make it harder for the photographer to take good pictures, as it tends to block the view or take a lot of attention away from the couple.
  • Make sure there’s an open space in front of the couple, so the photographer can easily move back and forth for closeups and wide shots.
  • Ask speakers to stand next to the couple when they talk. Then the photographer can get both speakers and couple in the same frame, and the photographer does not have to photograph in two different directions at the same time.
  • During the wedding dance, make sure the couple is in the middle of the floor before they start dancing. This makes for more symmetrical and spectacular photos.
  • Set up the cake table so that the couple is facing the audience while cutting the cake.



  • Solid, practical shoes that give your feet a break and ensure that you can walk in rough terrain without any problems.
  • Warm clothing, especially on a clod day.
  • Feel free to use props like confetti, balloons or other things that can create exciting, fun and varied images.



Most people want the photographer to capture the mood along the way during the wedding, so the memories of the day will be as vibrant as possible. This is achieved by creating special situations, such as party games or other fun activities.



In the vast majority of weddings there will be unexpected situations that cause delays. Since the ceremony and reception usually can’t be postponed, the only place to retrieve lost time is during the photography. When you are planning your day, keep in mind that good photography takes time. Should you add additional hours to your service and everything goes according to schedule, this means there will be more time for fun, creative and beautiful photos.